Some speakers teach live video. Some show videos about live video as their method of entertaining the audience. Only Live Video Speaker, Marty Dickinson, gets your audience to DO live video!

Get Over Your Fear of Live Video Forever!

Marty’s Live Video session with a live and in person audience can fit any audience or room size. Best of all, there is zero PowerPoint used in this presentation and no projection equipment needed. There are three phases to Marty’s content:

Part I – Live Video Primer

In this portion of the session, Marty inspires traditional business owners, professional speakers, consultants, trainers, and coaches to embrace live video. He shares the direct benefits of live video and why he personally avoided video of all kinds for nearly 10 years. He shares his pivotal moment of when live video became a MUST-DO for him and the only way he would get beyond his own fear a little more than a year ago.

Your audience will be introduced to the top 10 types of live video along with 3 secrets for generating a better quality video than most of the live video you see on the web today…without even buying any equipment!

Seen below are small snippets of video taken from an actual live breakout session workshop at the Fall 2017 District Conference for District 26 in Denver, CO.

Part II – The Live Video Framework

Marty introduces a framework that can be used on any live video, whether the intent is for the video to be 30 seconds or 30 minutes in length. The audience completes a short form following his instructions and then practices with the group.

Here is a video snippet of audience members rehearsing his assigned framework.

Part III – The Live Video Broadcast

Audience members are invited (not forced) to create a short, 60-second, live (or recorded) video at the front of the room to exercise the presentation skills and framework they just learned.

The audience is asked to cheer for the duration of the exercise for a few reasons:

  1. The presenter feels energy at their back. This energy is designed to kick up the energy a notch for the speaker at their time of delivery.
  2. The presenter feels support and encouragement from the crowd so the presenter will do her or his best job.
  3. Having the audience applaud allows the video presenter to focus on her or his own video, instead of wondering what the audience (or other video presenters at their side) think of their content.

When the video broadcaster watches the video later, the core foundation of Marty’s framework from which to build is obvious!

Is This Presentation Format Successful?

Here are some evaluation form comments:

“Specific actionable items that we actually put to work.” Penny
“Structure for how to do live video [was most useful].” Anonymous
“Great session. Learned a lot in a short session.” Tom
“Learning the importance of live videos [was most important].” Eric
“Deciding to actually Do live videos [was most useful thing I learned].” Anonymous
“Smile more and the helpful structure of the video [was most useful thing I learned].” Joyce

Marty Dickinson’s Speaking Background

Marty has been a featured speaker for audiences supplied by Constant Contact, National Speakers Association National Convention, AuthorU, Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), and District 26 Toastmasters. He is the co-author of two Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies books and has led half-day workshops since 2004.

Contact Marty Dickinson Directly for Availability

Marty is available for speaking engagements within the U.S. and Canada. He can be reached by phone (text or voice) at 303-913-4813 or by using the contact form.