What is the Live Video Primer?

There are many blog posts, videos (of course), Facebook groups, and even paid membership sites to teach you what buttons to push, what gadgets to buy, and what to talk about on Live Video. Few, if any, focus developing your Live Video Presentation Skills like Here Next Year.

In fact, we believe we were the FIRST company to offer Live Video presentation skills training…in an actual Live Video small group setting beginning in August of 2016.

To get you started on the right path, we’ve assembled an extensive video to cover the basics of presenting on Live Video. We call it the Live Video Primer.

There is no charge for you to access or watch any portion of the Live Video Primer video.

Specifically, Marty Dickinson outlines the following:

  1. The Possibilities with Live Video: Can You Really Make MONEY with it?
  2. Definition of Live Video and How it’s Different than Traditional Video.
  3. 10 Most Common Live Video Types You Need to Get Good at to Stay Current.
  4. 3 Secrets to Getting Started Successfully with Live Video that Took Us a Few MONTHS to Discover—But, You Get Them in a Few Minutes!
  5. 2 of the Most Important Best Practices You Can Apply to Your Video Immediately to Help You Look Like a Pro…Even if it’s Your First Live Video!
  6. 1 Way (maybe the only way!) to Get Over Your Fear of Live Video FOREVER! and start using live video the right way to promote your business.

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