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Best Internet Marketing Training Membership Site

Looking for the best Internet marketing training membership site? You’ve found it!


How can I be so sure? Because I (Marty Dickinson) have been providing Here Next Year web services, consulting, coaching and training for 20 years…and people keep coming back to me for more!


The Here Next Year Club membership simply provides me with a mechanism to answer more questions—for more people—with more detailed answers—for cheap—while being more convenient for you—and saving my time in the process.


People attend web marketing conferences and sign-up for other Internet marketing membership offers (and I encourage that), but when they want their questions answered, people who have worked with me or bought one of my Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies books, always seem to come to me for answers in simple to understand language.


The process is simple.


Explore Our Free Resources Area >>

First, simply explore the content I’ve made available to you with our Completely FREE, really and TRULY free, no-need-to-opt-in Free Resources area inside our membership area. Here you’ll find plenty of documents, audio recordings and some video to answer a few of the most common questions people have about Internet marketing, increasing leads and sales, and just plain ‘ol making money online.


Get the 101 Traffic Methods Planning Document >>

After reviewing some links and documents, take the next step and sign-up for the first level of Club membership that’s known as the “Lifetime FREE Club Membership.” Yep, that one is free also, but it does require and opt-in (no credit card needed) where you start an account and get a username and a password. You’ll have access to a specific document called 101 Realistic Traffic Methods, which is really more of a self-guided web marketing plan that you’ll use to plan your attack for the next two to three years. It’s been my most downloaded whitepaper for more than 10 years now and I update it about two to three times per year. Additional documents, audio and video are included FREE to support that document.


Membership for Start-Ups with “The Builder” Membership >>

The first paid level of membership is called The Builder. For a mere $10 initial payment and $10 per month ongoing, you will have access to the most detailed, current, and informative vault of information known to man for starting a business on the web! Our focus in that area is what you’ll need to construct your first website and get your product or service selling.


Get Past the Plateau with “The Marketer” Membership >>

Our mid-range membership level is called The Marketer. Although much more advanced than The builder, it’s price is only $10 more initially and per month! If you have already started your business or have reached a plateau, the Marketer will be your choice.


Buy a Buddy with “The Producer” Membership >>

The highest cost, greatest value membership level is only $150 up front with a $50 per month fee. We call it The Producer, otherwise known as the “buy a buddy” level. You’ll get access to all of the docs, videos, audios, tools, and resources…including a Skype or Google Hangouts connection directly with me, Marty Dickinson! When you see my computer connection is on, you are welcome to start a live discussion with me about any topic you want! And, isn’t that what we all want when it comes to web marketing? Someone to brainstorm with and someone to ask for guidance or a second opinion.


So, there ya have it. There’s nothing else really to say. I don’t need a 30-page sales letter to get my message across with this. The cost is cheap enough to allow you to discover what you really get once you sign-up.


Just keep clicking on things to see all the free stuff until you start seeing topics of interest that are restricted for paying members. That will give you enough details about whether I’m providing enough bulk to be worth your monthly membership payment.