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Best Internet Marketing Training Membership Site

Looking for the best Internet marketing training membership site? You’ve found it!


How can we be so sure?


Because no other web marketing membership offers what we offer—LIVE CHAT SUPPORT!


Every web marketing training program offers printed documents, recorded audio, video, interviews with experts. The Here Next Year Web Marketing Club has those too. But, what you really need is a place to go when you have questions or want to be walked-through a sequence of steps.


Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies BookWith our highest level of publicly available membership, 20-year full-time web marketer and co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, Marty Dickinson, will become your “live buddy.” He’ll personally chat with you through Skype Instant Messaging to answer your questions in real-time and provide training and videos on-the-side as needed.


He’ll take the extra step to really learn about your business so you and he can assemble a strategic web marketing plan to start or expand your business like you’ve been wanting to do on your own.


How Did This Idea Start?

The first Internet marketing conference Marty attended was in the year 2000 in Las Vegas…five years after he launched his first website, which became one of the top membership websites in its industry.


After the first speaker presented at the conference, a guy sitting next to him asked, “Do you have any clue what he just said up there?” Marty replied, “You mean about auto-responders and building a sales funnel? Sure I’ve been doing that with my own websites for a couple of years now…Would you like me to show you how it really works?”


Ever since then, Marty has been training clients through writing, speaking, and one-on-one or one-on-group coaching, how to perform the many aspects of the web marketing process.


Whether you’re just starting your business or trying to expand, the Live Buddy membership in the Here Next Year Web Marketing club provides Marty with a mechanism to continue supplying that training and support on a broader scale.


Keep Your Business Affairs Private

People attend web marketing conferences and sign-up for other Internet marketing membership offers (and Marty encourages that), but when it comes time to be led through a sequence of implementation steps, or brainstorm a new product idea, what choices are there? Forums and social networking maybe. But those are all so public!


Your business is a very private topic. Some things you don’t want to share (or seek advice from) your family, friends, or even your spouse. Every serious business owner, speaker, author, consultant or trainer needs a trusted 3rd party to consult with and brainstorm with confidentially.


What is the Live Buddy Internet Marketing Training Membership?

The Live Buddy Monthly Membership consists of three main components:

  1. Live Chat Support – Upon sign-up, you will receive unlimited access to Marty through Skype IM Chat where you can converse back and forth about any challenge you’re having related to your web marketing project. Marty’s Skype account is active from 8am until 3pm Monday through Friday (unless otherwise noted), including some nights and check-in points on weekends. If you don’t already use Skype IM Chat with your customers and helpers, you are in for a very pleasant surprise and will wonder how you survived without this great communications tool previously.

  2. Supporting Resources – Instead of force-feeding hundreds of pages of bloated written or video content just so that you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth like other membership programs seem to supply, Marty will “chat” with you providing custom instruction first and then supply the answers you’re looking for through the live chat and/or supplement those answers by directing you to one or two resources within the members area.
    He might even elect to make a custom document or video just for you for steps to take that might take you a few times through before remembering what to do.

  3. Small Group Mastermind – As an added bonus, you will be invited to join a small group mastermind where we will meet through GoToMeeting once per month (Now Forming for January 2016 Start!). You are not required to join, but web marketers, business owners, authors and speakers, service providers such as virtual assistants, social networking providers, bloggers are encouraged to participate.

The Live Buddy membership is fee-based by the month with a rather non-traditional “2-hour” Refund Policy. Connect with Marty for 2 hours of online chat help within the first week of your membership. If you (or Marty) feel you are not a good fit for each other during that initial chat session, he will promptly void or refund your payment.
If you are ready for the Live Buddy Membership right this minute, you can click this button to go directly to the member registration page.


Not Quite Ready for Live Web Marketing Support?

Get Marty’s official 101 Realistic Website Traffic Methods whitepaper, which has been his most downloaded whitepaper for more than 12 years now. Marty updates this “38-page” document about two to three times per year (Most recently updated 12/1/2015). A few additional documents, audio and video are included FREE to support that document.


As part of your FREE registration to get access to the 101 traffic document, you will be enrolled in the FREE level of Marty’s members-only area where you will have access to dozens of tools and advisory articles. You will also have automatic access to all updated revisions of the 101 traffic document without having to re-register.

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