The Best Internet Marketing Training Membership MUST Help You Get Visible!

Websites, email marketing, SEO, video, writing books…they all work together.


The two main reasons for our LIFETIME FREE level of membership are:

  1. Introduce you to practicing presenting your business to others in a live video setting.
  2. Provide you with ongoing access to our 12-year running 101 Realistic Website Traffic Methods (Updated April 2017), which many of our clients use for their 2-year web traffic building plan.

More About Our Monthly Free Meeting

Every 2nd Wednesday from 9-10 a.m. (Mountain Time), Here Next Year hosts an online, web-based, live video networking event. Watch your video presentation skills improve month after month and see the faces of people you’re presenting to and how they react as you showcase your business.

Live Video networking group

More About the 101 Realistic Website Traffic Methods

Join the Here Next Year Club’s LIFETIME FREE level where we post meeting notes and the link to the virtual, web-based, meeting room for the upcoming meeting. Whether you wind up attending this month’s meeting or one in the future, you will still benefit from watching the small portion of the most recent meeting where participants practiced their 20-second elevator pitches.


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