Looking for the Best Internet Marketing Training Membership Site?

You’ve found it! How can we be so sure? 2 Reasons:

I – Free Access to Shortcut Tools

Some of the tools we feature in the club area are provided by other companies and we just link to them. After exhaustive searching, testing and using various tools for Marty’s projects, he finally finds the one (and it usually is only “one”) that does the job to his expectations. Others have been created by Here Next Year developers because some tools just don’t exist at all outside the Here Next Year Web Marketing Club. Here are just a few of those tools designed to help you:

  • Calculate your sales conversion rate.
  • Project how many visitors you will need to get the sales revenue you want.
  • Get a list of your backlinks or spy on a competitor’s backlinks.
  • Generate more than 150 proven-to-sell headlines in under 60 seconds.
  • Produce more than 250 tweets for Twitter in under 90 seconds.
  • Find the most trending #hashtags.
  • Check your email address against blacklists.
  • Scan your website for viruses and malicious code.
  • and More!

II – Free Access to Learning

If you’re tired of reading basic blog posts that only provide general how-to information, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Nowhere will you find such detailed web marketing instruction at no charge.

  • Getting your business started the right way with How to Start a Business in 9 Steps.
  • Planning your traffic building campaign with 101 Realistic Website Traffic Methods.
  • Using Google+ for improved SEO
  • Getting more sales with better copywriting.

We really don’t want to provide a huge list of all the educational content we provide because part of proving a good membership system is surprising your members with new content. If we list them all out for you here, it would just ruin the surprise!

Why Require Membership Registration at All?

We first started offering our LIFETIME FREE membership as a means to update our members with the most current 101 Realistic Website Traffic Methods document. This 38-page planning document had been our most popular download for more then ten years and still today gets updated every three to four months. So, we needed a way to alert as many of our followers as possible that updates had been made to that document.

Then we started developing and sharing tools to reinforce the traffic methods!

Well, things just got a bit too complex, so we figured it would be much easier to send updates to “subscribers” letting them know when our tools or content was updated and provide a single area to login to where the most current documents could always be accessed. We were right! Now, we can spend more time creating the content and the tools.