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  1. Fred Wunder

    Do you know anything about a company called “Internet Sales Institute” in Boise, Idaho? Their sales pitch sounds great but according to the BBB they are only a couple of years old.

  2. Hi Paul and thanks for the comment. True, I don’t pay much attention to Alexa for this site. Still, we get the leads and sales to keep us growing smoothly and predictably and I can open the spigot and slow the volume whenever we need to. HNY has turned into striving for a goal of process management more than just purely huge amounts of traffic over the years. And, that’s another good reinforcement of my article. Most Internet marketing coaches wouldn’t say something like…”Oh, don’t worry about your Alexa ranking; let’s just make sure your business grows smoothly and consistently over time.” Who’s going to pay for that kind of lame boring advice? But, when it comes down to the wire, the important thing is that your website is producing what you’ve set for yourself as goals. And, if Alexa rankings do not determine that outcome, there’s no need to strive for those numbers to impress anyone.

  3. Very good article. I like the way you pulled me in with the title. But I don’t think you really agree with coaching does not work, It Does. It’s not that coaching doesn’t work, it’s that if you need coaching like I do you need to do your homework like anything else and find a coach that will be your mentor. I agree with what you say. I’m in a coaching program now: 12 month Partnership to Success with John Thornhill. I did just like he says most newbies do, which is buying every shiny new product looking for that one magical thing that will lead me to success. It ain’t out their. My coaching is rather expensive compared to the type of coaches you are talking about. But when I added up the money I spent on all these courses plug ins and software I realised how cheep good quality 1 on 1 direct coaching really is. To me coaching is worthless if you cant have access to your coach at the moment you are stuck or need help with something. A good coach will be able to guide you and give you advise when you need it because he has been their and done that. I could not find your name on your site which I think is a drawback to your blog but I agree with what you say….Thanks for the good read…. Bart

  4. I agree with your comments about coaches in general. I have found that you rarely speak to the person who is the expert. But if you are lucky enough you will find a coach or mentor who will take the time to teach you step by step until you are familiar with all the processes that need to be done. When this happens you will move ahead fast

    1. Even if you start with a lower level coach, like someone that knows the software and tools to use, but maybe hasn’t made their millions yet, then you can pay a lot less to learn the basic essentials and then be ready to participate at the level a higher profile coach would offer.

  5. jack

    Can you recommend a good internet coach ?

    1. Hello Jack. Depends on what you need coaching for. Ray Edwards for copywriting. Fred Gleeck for product creation. Perry Marshall for AdWords.

  6. Dan

    Many names have come up for Internet coaches,namely
    Chris Farrell
    Mike Filsame
    Michael Cheney
    Tellman Knuson
    Jamison Palmer

    The list goes on and on and on………..
    Who among the above mentioned names do you think fit the criteria of the Best Internet Coach


    1. Hello Dan and thanks for the question. I know Mike Filsame is good. Can’t speak for the others.

  7. Very interesting article. Never thought of it that way I was going to get some coaching for myself but now that I read this article I am thinking I don’t.

  8. Well, the world is moving very fast. Every body into any type of business is going for a leveraged system..

    Mentoring in person is a difficult job.

    More than mentoring, it depends on who the taker is. He got to be passionate about learning things.

    But, there is a solution for every problem.

    1. Agreed Ravi… I’m hearing more and more that coaches and mentors are selling small packages of 3 sessions so that mentor/mentee can get used to each other and see if they want to go on a more involved program. Smart way to do it and maybe something people should be asking for if the coach/mentor doesn’t offer it.

  9. People need to ask the questions about what they will be getting as part of their coaching/mentoring program. I think too many think that their coach/mentor will give them the magic bullet to success not realizing that they themselves have to put in the hard yards. Before committing they need to do their own research and speak to others that have been coached.

    1. That’s an excellent point Alex! Coaching doesn’t mean going out into the baseball field and pitching, catching the pitched ball and then fielding the hit. Altho, a good coach “could” potentially do all of those roles, he would have to go to “his own team” to help with the game….if he was hired to just DO everything. But, the whole idea of coaching is giving direction for the coachee/mentee to learn the process, build his own team, and make it happen. Very important differentiator there and thanks for bringing it up.

  10. EZ

    ive had a very similar experience when hiring coaching for how to make money with tax leins. it was truly a scam. the coach just read off a script and had nothing substantial to offer so it was a total loss. its a tricky business.

    1. Oh I can imagine the tax lien market and anything related to finance is just crawling with scam artists. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if web marketing coaches that can’t get any clients probably move over to finance to claim themselves experts there too!

  11. Mike

    I believe this is very useful article, yet is only partially correct. Failed internet business come about, due to failures on both sides of the coaching fence.

    The Internet Marketing “coach” is often in fact just an internet marketer who has had success themselves & can only really offer from their own direct experience.

    The reality is that most newbies to setting up an Internet business are actually failing in BUSINESS experience. They don’t understand the basic principles of setting up a business. Conception & feasibility is weak, & planning is non-existent. Often business owners jump straight to producing a product or offering a service without understanding their market – and I don’t just mean “is there one?”, but rather what the market really wants.

    Furthermore, even if that is done properly, the business itself isn’t designed to support the owner’s goals, and ends up becoming impossible to manage if it is successful, and fails at the 1st hurdle.

    So, in conclusion, yes the article is good, and valid in some cases, but the reality is businesses fail for many reasons, and this is really only a tiny proportion.

    Most new internet marketers would be better getting a business or planning coach, rather than learning Internet Marketing tactics, most of which can be learned from reading 2 or 3 books & a bit of research.
    Furthermore, they would increase their effectiveness as business owners by moving up the value-chain & delegating the tactical research & implementation to low-cost offshored freelancers.

    1. Sometimes I think people hire web marketing coaches just so they can have a finger to point at when things don’t go as planned. I totally agree with your statements about there being much more to “why businesses fail” than their internet marketing tactics. I know several upper-level millionaire marketers that are terrible business people. They MUST come out with a multi-thousand dollar generating product launch every few months because they lose all their money in a few months too…just like lotto winners. Maybe getting a “business” coach should be the prerequisite of getting a web marketing coach. 🙂

  12. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement?
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  13. Hi Marty,

    Thanks for this awesome post.

    I think it depend on who you hired. Its better to hire online business coach referred by your friends or relatives

  14. CME

    Having worked for six months as a coach, to my shame, I can vouch for the accuracy of this, especially 1 and 2. I was hired by a company that does coaching sessions for several sales floors, and I had a couple of weeks’ crash-course training in selling on ebay and website marketing basics before being put on the phone, doing up to 15 half-hour coaching sessions every day, back to back. My lack of experience was actually in the company’s favor, because I was naive enough to think that if I helped people just follow through the program, they would see the promised results. I liked to talk to people and help them with their problems, and in fact they wanted us to be polite and friendly and make our students feel like they were each important to us . . . but we did not have the time to do that right: every day we had all these sessions to do, one after another. The management gave mixed signals, offering incentives for hurrying people through the assembly line while also telling us how important it was to make them feel like we were there for them.

    1. That is a GREAT comment and I just wonder what kind of marketing outreach they have in place to attract so many to their coaching program. And, what happens to the poor folks that didn’t get the results they were hoping for? Be careful out there!

  15. There is tons of internet marketing coaches and gurus out there nowadays. They will usually offer a free seminar to engage with their potential students aka clients, most of the time they will show the testimonial from their previous students to you, telling you how successful they are, show-off their fancy lifestyle with you, and some even make a bold claimed that they are self-made multi-millionaire internet marketer (but I’ve been doubting), in fact they usually offer very little on the real coaching stuff in those free seminars.

    They have a complete sales funnel to engage with the potential students, getting them on board for the training/courses, then further so called advance courses and finally ultimate/platinum courses. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not against them cause I believe there will be some really great coaches out there, but no doubts… most of the internet marketing coaching doesn’t work

  16. I’ve been coaching copywriters full time since 2003. My success comes from 30+ years as a copywriter/marketer and my program is step-by-step. The Internet is smaller than people think. If my program was not successful, word would get around pretty quick. I have hundreds of past students who are swimming in the same waters as me, so I disagree that coaching both online and offline marketing doesn’t work; it works fantastically well if you know what you’re doing and you’re a good teacher, teaching accurate, usable information that gets real results.

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