CloudNet360 core system setup and configuration


Before CloudNet360 can function properly, a variety of system related items need to be setup for every new account. Some of these include:


  • Your email profile
  • Payment receipt messages
  • Payment gateway and applying and testing merchant account connections
  • Coupons or gift certificate activation
  • Secure image uploads
  • User logins
  • Terms of service
  • Email settings such as single versus double-opt-in
  • Default URLs such as thank you pages and order denied notices


How the core system setup items are configured is determined during the project kick-off meeting called a project pre-flight meeting. Each pre-flight meeting starts withe a pre-flight planning document that a new client completes upon engagement. Usually two or three phone calls and several emails back and forth are made before the core system setup is complete. Frequent and open communication is the key between services provider and client when working together to get a system like CloudNet360 live for your business.


Next Steps

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