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Big Companies Love Google Plus

Google Plus Tips on Google+ and G+You know Google Plus is there. You might have already setup an account on your own and joined a few circles.


But, who’s really making the big money with G+? The big companies for now.


But, there are a few million of us waiting to make it happen!


What is interesting is who is jumping into Google+ like it’s a new pair of jeans now that they’ve added business “pages” like facebook did a while back. Big companies like Ford who have 23,000 followers. Of course, that’s a far cry from Ford’s 5MM Likes on facebook. But, it just gives you an idea of scale. The fact that 61% of the top 100 brands already have established Google Plus pages should be a strong indicator that you need to be spending time on Google Plus.


Here’s a good article about brand name companies getting into Google Plus. I find it very interesting that so many of the same big companies that thought facebook and Twitter were just about talking about the old cliche “what I ate for breakfast” now embrace G+ fully and didn’t even hesitate to sign-up when it pre-released. They all have professional photos, consistent branding colors, active and routine participation in information sharing, coupons, like they’ve been engaged in social marketing for years! Well, they have.


From what I gathered from the article, there are a few motivators why companies are seeing the light with Google Plus. Hopefully this will incentivize you too:


  • It’s Google – Probably the most important reason of all. Unfortunately, whatever Google says do, we gotta just do. And, they’re saying “participate in Google+ or your search engine results positions (SERPs) for your website will diminish.

  • Facebook is Getting Cluttered – I’ve been hearing this a lot lately that people are enjoying G+ because it’s very clean and sleek as compared to its rival facebook. At least it hasn’t YET been hit by the trend facebook has seen lately with their facebook hackers.

  • Google+ is Easy to Use and Quick to Learn – Facebook seems like they’re adding features and functionality just for the sake of adding new things now. Same thing happened with cell phones. They call it “feature creep.” Users typically whine when new facebook launches happen and the new features they do add often don’t add to the greatness of the system and TOO often happen at the nixxing of features we did love.

  • Google is Suffering from a Case of the Crud – Google is always making an attempt to clean the “mucus” out of their search results. Spammers are always trying to sneak their junk into top search positions. G+ is an attempt for Google to see what pages and websites people like you and me feel are important and of high quality. That’s why you see all the “+1″ buttons these days. Click a +1 button and you will be telling google “good page!” You can read into how to game that system I’ll bet. Just have all your buddies go to your website and click your +1 button. But, that’s how Google wants it…it’s like being in high school all over again as we’re all out to win a popularity contest now.

  • Money of Course – It’s all about money with Google. Not saying it shouldn’t be. Heck, I’ll admit it. I play on the Internet all day because it’s my “business” and ultimately I eat leftovers from a garbage can or lobster depending on how well I’ve done “business” over the past week on the Internet. I’m just saying you should be prepared that Google is building out Google Plus for the MONEY it will receive in the soon-to-be-coming integration of Google AdWords.


So, there you have it. Those making money with Google+ right this very minute are the bigger companies who have already embraced it and have used what they learned with facebook to build their presence and following with Google Plus.


But, you don’t have to be left in the dust! Come along for the ride like the big companies are already doing or make the decision to just be content with your social networking efforts by accepting Linkedin invites, begging for facebook likes and growing Twitter follwers. The choice is yours…but I hope to see you soon on G+. Hook up with me when you get there at

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    • Haa, good point Yusri and thanks for the note! +1 now added to all posts and pages on the HereNextYear site. I used the “Plus One” plugin for wordpress by the way for anyone that does not yet have a +1 icon and link for their website. A MUST-have folks.

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