What Problem Does Here Next Year Solve?

We will get you past your fear of speaking on Live Video so you can get on with using Live Video to promote and support your business.

Why is Live Video So Scary?

To many, presenting on Live Video is even more scary than public speaking in front of a group. And, you know public speaking is the nation’s #1 fear, even over death itself!

Getting started with Live Video can be lonely and intimidating. Lonely, because you might hit that “Live” button on your phone and no one will see your Live Video. You get discouraged and never do another Live Video again.

Or, even worse, people DO see your Live Video…LOTS of people! And, you don’t know what to say or how to say it. You get embarrassed and that’s your last experience with Live Video.

Maybe the worst scenario of all is being so afraid of either of those two examples that you never engage with Live Video at all.

Our Solution

We aim to build your confidence in your Live Video presentation skills so that you look forward to every opportunity to supply live video in all its forms to your audience. And, that requires practice and guidance in a supportive environment.

Here Next Year provides that guidance and supportive environment so you can practice Live Video and improve your online presentation skills.

How Did Here Next Year Begin?

Here Next Year provided web design and web marketing services to more than 300 clients worldwide since 1996. At one point, we had a staff of 14.

Does Here Next Year Still Provide Web Services?

We have partnered with a U.S. company that has supported our clients for four years now. They do amazing work in the areas of custom web design, WordPress, SEO, SEM, Social Networking, custom programming and website hosting/email. Contact Marty directly to be put in touch with this quality resource.

How Did the Here Next Year Name Evolve?

One day, many years ago, someone called in and asked, “We’d like to hire you, but how do we know you’ll be around in six months?” The name Here Next Year was coined.

Who Owns Here Next Year?

Marty Dickinson started the company in 1996 about six months after his first money-generating website started taking off. As his client base grew, he formed a team to staff the growing requests for website design, custom development, SEO, SEM, and traffic building. Today, Marty is the two-time co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley) and speaks on topics related to web marketing and business startup.

Marty Dickinson Internet marketing speaker with both Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies books.

What is Marty’s Interest in Speaking?

Marty’s true enjoyment has always been helping and watching peoples’ presentation skills improve over time. In his 15 years as an active Toastmaster and speaking mentor, nothing makes him happier than convincing someone to get better at speaking and then assisting him or her to achieve that goal.

Why the Shift to Improving Live Video Skills?

Live Video requires an entirely different set of speaking and presentation skills where no best practices have been set. Business communication as we know it is changing to become not only video-based…but LIVE Video-based. Here Next Year hopes to lead the way in creating and providing the standards for Live Video presentation.

Should I Fire My Public Speaking or Professional Speaking Coach?

Here Next Year is not a replacement for your speaking coach. In fact, we will work with speaking coaches to provide the components of training specific to Live Video that most speaking coaches do not have interest in or the skills to provide. We even have a certification program for speaking coaches to teach our method to their students.

If you are a speaking coach, think of yourself as the head coach of a baseball team. Here Next Year serves as the pitching coach you would bring in to help with pitching drills for a few weeks.

For questions or to set a phone appointment, please contact Marty Dickinson initially through the contact form.

Don’t Fall Victim to the Live Video Experts

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