Here Next Year Invites You to Get More Leads and Sales by Being Visible. Because Visibility SELLS!

Simply positioning yourself to be found and sitting back waiting for all those leads and sales to roll in is not enough anymore. If you want to stand out from the rest, you have to be proactive and take specific action steps to be visible to your target audience. In 2017, people buy from people they know, like, trust…and are VISIBLE!

Here Next Year’s Visibility Method in 3 Steps

Step 1: Engage the Internet for More Leads and Sales >>

Step 2: Write a Book for More Leads and Sales >>

Step 3: Speak Live and On Video for More Leads and Sales >>

Although the steps are outlined sequentially here, the method can be applied and customized for where you are in that process.

Here’s One Way to Practice Being Visible…and it’s FREE!

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Situations You Might Find Similar to Your Own

We’ve worked with speakers, authors, business coaches, business owners, trainers, and consultants for 20 years to become more visible using the three step Here Next Year Visibility SELLS Method.

New Business Owner with No Business Structure – Dana Morgan-Barnes, DTM (Former D26 Toastmasters District Director) was a frequent speaker from the stage before coming to us and had quite a bit of visibility already from her Toastmasters affiliation. She was held back from embracing the web due to her lack of technical experience. Today, Dana’s speaking and coaching website integrates into a CRM for capturing opt-ins and customer history. She builds her visibility online by posting daily in Facebook, blog posting and co-running our monthly online networking and business presentation practice sessions. In October of 2016, Dana had us produce her book, Health and Wellness Journey: Creating a Plan that Works After All Other Attempts Have Failed

Speaker without a Book – Joe Sabah has taught his Speaking for Fun and Profit seminar for the past 36 years, but his teaching was only made available to a local audience. In 2017, Joe had us produce his method in a book titled, How to Speak for Fun and Profit: Get Started in the Professional Speaking Business and Share Your Message with the World! Now new speakers can enjoy Joe’s method around the world.

Workshop Trainer with No Live Video Experience – Aileen Ellis preps IT professionals for the PMP certification exam. She has a book selling on Amazon, is widely known for her in-person certification training courses, but never embraced live video and webinars until she started attending our weekly online video presentation practice sessions. Today, she approaches live video interviews, webinars and online training sessions with confidence!

These three are a good representative sample of diverse Here Next Year clients and how they entered the Visibility SELLS Method to start or expand their businesses.

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Although we use the same general 3-step method for everyone, we know YOUR situation is unique to itself. The best way for you to determine if we are a good fit for you and for us to evaluate if our focus will help your situation, we provide a FREE, no-obligation, consult with Marty Dickinson. Simply use the Contact Us Now form below to get started.

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Let’s work together to help you be visible! Because, VISIBILITY SELLS!