Get Over Your Fear of Live Video with the Here Next Year Live Video Training Center

Live Video is changing the way you communicate and present. Embrace Live Video now and make it part of your weekly, or even daily, marketing plan. Improve your Live Video presentation skills, starting today, or you’ll just wind up playing catch-up later.

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This one-hour, 40-minute instructional video contains:

  1. The True Definition of Live Video and How it is Different than Traditional Video
  2. 10 Types of Live Video You Need to Get Good at and How Each Requires Different Skills
  3. 3 Secrets to Get You Started with Live Video that Took Us 5 Months to Discover
  4. 2 of the Most Important Best Practices to Know that Will Make You Look Like a Pro
  5. 1 Way to Get Over Your Fear of Live Video Forever!

Example of How Our Participants Support the Development of Other Members

Example of How Even Experienced Professional Speakers Benefit

Example How We Encourage and Practice the Presentation of Our Businesses

Plus, you will be introduced to how Dana Morgan-Barnes got over her fear of live video technology and how Rex Wisehart avoided live video “at all costs” and now looks forward to producing live video! And, just wait until you hear how Aileen (above) expanded her use of Live Video to replace her income generated previously only by traveling.

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