The Here Next Year Live Video Training Center Will Help You Move Beyond Your Fear of Speaking and Presenting on Live Video

Live Video is changing the way you communicate and present. Embrace Live Video now and make it part of your weekly, or even daily, marketing plan. Improve your Live Video presentation skills, starting today, or you’ll just wind up playing catch-up later.

The only way to learn Live Video techniques and the technology is to DO Live Video. Reading blog posts, watching video tutorials, or attending seminars will not help you become a better presenter on Live Video until you actually DO it—with repetition—in a supportive environment offering guidance for improvement.

Live Video practice group to help improve your Live Video presentation skills

Improve Your Live Video Presentation Skills in Two Ways:

1. Attend Our Free Live Networking Events

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 9-10 a.m. (Mountain Time), we meet online in our virtual Zoom room for less than one hour. The session is led by Here Next Year’s, Marty Dickinson, so that business owners can meet each other in a Live Video, virtual meeting, environment. Every attendee gets the opportunity to speak.

Current Dates Scheduled are:
Wed., October 11, 2017 | Wed., November 8, 2017 | Wed., December 15, 2017

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2. Enroll in our New 5-Week Program “Live for Five: Embrace Live Video for Fun and Business

This 5-week program will have you meeting in a small virtual group limited to five other attendees + Marty Dickinson as your group leader, the same time every week, for one hour. Work through a short curriculum designed to get you introduced to, and experienced with, presenting on Live Video—with an emphasis on Facebook Live.

Currently, registrations are being accepted for 5 different time slots during business hours. This process is so much FUN, you hardly realize you’re learning!

Contact Marty Dickinson directly by text message at 303-913-4813 for details and to see if you qualify. Type FIVE in your text message so he knows you’re a real person. If he’s available, he will just call you back right then. If he’s on the phone with someone already, he will reply to your text when he’s off the call to see if you are available.