Here Next Year Web Marketing Club Held its Second Live Video Meeting on Tuesday, September 27th
(Watch Recording Here >>)
Join Us for Next Tuesday’s Meeting! You Are Welcome.

You know you need to use video more for your business but worry about how you look and sound. Even formulating the words to say when you’re on camera is a challenge and it’s holding you back from creating great video to promote your business and brand.

Then, there’s the fear of not appearing professional enough for even your own standards.

Join this New Community Where You Can Practice Your LIVE Video and Webinar Presentation Skills in a Safe and Supportive Online Environment!

The key to improving any kind of presentation skills is, not only practice, but—PROPER practice—and constructive feedback for improvement.

Like a Toastmasters Club, but Entirely Web-Based!

Every Tuesday, from 9am to 10am (Mountain Time),we will have a one-hour live web-based “private” meeting where a few members each week will be scheduled in advance to present any topic of their choice using live video.

Presenters are critiqued by viewers to offer encouraging, positive feedback and suggested areas to improve.

Deep Dive Networking and Collaborating!

The added bonus to this program is the extensive networking and collaboration potential. Each member will have the opportunity at every meeting to present his or her 30-second elevator pitch. From there, you as a viewer will be able to identify members of the group that you should contact to get to know.

If you’ve never been part of a networking group, don’t worry. We’ll show you how!

What Should I Present?

Showcase your business. Demonstrate a product. Discuss a hot topic web marketing technique. The topic is yours for the choosing! Follow our simple guidelines and make instant connections.

What is the Membership Fee?

Currently, there is no charge for attending these meetings. We are building the process, ironing out the technical glitches, and developing a curriculum that we may charge for one day. But, for now, it’s all free!

How Do I Sign-up to Attend?

First, join our LIFETIME FREE members area. Whether you wind up attending this week’s coming meeting or one in the future, you will still benefit from having access to the shortcut tools our members use every day to help start or expand their businesses using the Internet.

Second, watch for announcements to register for the meeting. Meeting login details will be provided inside the members area and announcements will ONLY be distributed by email to Here Next Year Web Marketing Club LIFETIME FREE members.

Even if you plan to not attend our live meetings, at least sign-up for the LIFETIME FREE level and get access to several shortcut web marketing tools our members use every day.