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The Business Longevity Guy: Marty Dickinson

Marty Dickinson is the "Business Longevity Guy." He works with business owners and leaders as their marketing chaperone to explore multiple methods to attract sales opportunities so their prospective customers and clients contact THEM! And, in a way that makes the sales process easy and natural.

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Marty Dickinson with his mascot Action

Official Bio for Marty Dickinson

Marty Dickinson is not your average business owner. He’s the Business Longevity Guy, and he’s been leading Here Next Year, LLC, a 27-year business development agency, to success. But that’s not all he does. He’s also a sought-after speaker and mentor, sharing his knowledge with thousands of business owners, authors, speakers, and working professionals. In fact, he’s so passionate about helping others that he founded Speakers Speak LIVE, a weekly, international, virtual live event for professional speakers to practice their speaking and event facilitation skills. And the best part? The format inspires participants to keep a positive mindset, collaborate with a wide diversity of attendees, and communicate effectively with internationally dispersed members in planning for, and conducting, a successful professional event. So if you’re tired of pushy sales tactics and want to build deep relationships with your connections and buyer’s market, Marty is the guy to turn to. He knows the real key to continuing business growth even in an economic decline.

Lions Always Win book for professional speakers

Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Your Professional Speaking Business and Life…and Get it Too is Marty’s most recent book (2023), which reached #1 Amazon Best Seller status in three categories. The Foreword was written by Lois Creamer. The content was adapted from the original Lions Always Win book for business owners and corporate employees to work for professional speakers and business owners who want to use speaking to build their businesses.
Available on Amazon >>

Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Business and Life…and Get it Too was released in 2020, two weeks before the Covid shutdown. People were not thinking about “winning” at the time, so it took a few months for the book’s message to gain traction. Not just a how-to book, Lions Always Win is a retreat in a book where the reader is instructed to “go to a coffee shop” and work through the Lion Charges (exercises) to determine their true wants, make plans to acquire the wants and keep the rest of their lives in balance in the process. Available on Amazon >>

Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies Book Covers with Marty Dickinson co-author

After a successful run of dozens of sold-out “Sell More in 2004” internet marketing training workshops, and continued speaking opportunities for the next several years, Marty was approached by Wiley to co-author Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (2009). The publisher had never before used the same authors for a 2nd edition all-in-one book. But, the first did so well in sales that they kept all co-authors together to produce the follow-up to the original in 2012. Highly outdated, the book is surprisingly still available on Amazon. Since the entire book is a step-by-step guide through 2012 technology, perhaps the only piece still relevant is Marty’s section, the first 180 pages of the book. There he outlines his six step A.C.T.I.O.N. process for building a business, which is almost the exact process he uses today for his own business as well as others he advises.

Winning the Internet Dogfight cover by Marty Dickinson (original book)

Marty’s first book was self-published in 2004 called Winning the Internet Dogfight: Your Guide to the Online Strategies for Exponential Sales Growth. He made all the traditional mistakes with this book! For example, Marty did not hire an editor (don’t ever skip hiring an editor!) There is an entire paragraph missing from one of the chapters. Still, the book sold a few thousand copies as it became part of his internet strategy workshops. The image of the dog on the front cover became Marty’s mascot, Action, which he still uses in every presentation to inspire audiences to stop procrastinating and “take action.” (No longer in print.)

Videos of Marty Speaking

In this 10-minute video, Marty is speaking to a small group of professional speakers and suggesting three ways to modernize their approach to giving presentations.

Marty's Speaking Experience

Marty’s first speaking gig was in 2003, where he taught Search Engine Optimization and website copywriting techniques to clients of a graphic design company.

In 2004, he launched his first book, Winning the Internet Dogfight, and conducted 15 paid workshops for audiences supplied by NSACO co-founder, Joe Sabah, which led to further speaking opportunities for audiences supplied by Constant Contact, DaVinci Institute, Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), AuthorU, New Business Connections, Inc (NewBCI), National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and National Speakers Association (NSA Charlotte chapter and 2014 national convention).

In August of 2019, just as Zoom was becoming established, Marty quickly realized the future of virtual live as a primary presentation tool. So, he started a five-month intensive where he led a small group of speakers, authors and business owners to meet weekly to explore, test and develop best practices for presenting in a virtual live format. 

Reviews of Marty's Speaking

“Dynamic, knowledgeable, expert, animated, friendly, accessible. LOVE the dog!”
Steve Hyde, HydeOnHealthCare.com

“Speaker has great examples, enthusiasm, audience engagement. I liked the dog sign, the books, and introducing Hazel in the audience.”
Amy McGrath

“This speaker will inspire you to take action on your dreams. Most importantly, Marty is sincere in his encouragements because he really believes in your ability to succeed in whatever you set your mind to do.”
Russell McCall

“Provides good transformational stories of clients he’s worked with who took action on something and had good to great reults.”
Anastasia Button, Scale Your Leadership

“If you are looking for a speaker to open up your event, Marty Dickinson will be your guy to get your audience revved up.”
Cindy Saylor

“The speaker was very articulate and energetic. He uses a great acronym to get his point across.”
David Cowley, Innovating Solutions Properties, LLC.

“Marty has great stage presence and engages with the audience.”

“Marty is inspiring and exciting!”
Hazel Ramsbotham

“Marty Presents information in a way that’s not too much for me to digest. Paces himself well.”
Anshuman Purohit

“Marty is an energetic speaker with good projection.”

“Fun, professional, likeable, upbeat speaker.”

“He has a passion for the subject that is engaging as well as informative. “

Invite Marty to Speak at Your Next Event

Need an Emergency Replacement? Marty Dickinson enjoys filling-in when podcast and interview hosts suddenly discover their scheduled guests have fallen ill. Send a text message or call Marty Dickinson when an emergency arises and, when scheduling permits, he can fill the gap within just ten minutes.

Speaking Engagement Booking: Marty’s “Staying Strong in a Week Economy: 5 Proven Steps for Business Longevity and Growth” program can be delivered to virtual in-person, live in-person, and hybrid venues. He prefers to stay within the U.S. at this time and offers reduced rates for local Colorado opportunities.

24-Hour Guaranteed Reply: Contact Marty using the method that’s most comfortable for you. Marty replies to all speaking invitations himself, usually in just an hour or two, but certainly within any 24 hour period.

Phone: 303-913-4813 (Send a text message to see if Marty is available for a call or leave a voicemail for prompt reply).

Email: SpeakEveryWeek@gmail.com

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