Meeting planners and event planners can tell how much you charge for a speaking gig, how good of a speaker you are and if you know the speaking game…all by looking at your website for only 10 seconds.


What are they saying about you?


Before You Design or Re-Design Your Speaker Website

From marty Dickinson, HereNextYear president, author and speaker…


After my presentation of 21 Things Meeting Planners are Looking for in Speaker Websites at NSA (National Speakers Association) national convention, the most common question was “How do I teach my website designer to get all of these things into my speaker website?”


My answer to that is to supply an organized planning document for your designer to work from.


I call it a “website pre-flight” document.


For the first time ever, I’m making my website pre-flight planning document for professional speaker websites available to the public. I used this document with every new speaker client whether my team designed their speaker website or the speaker already has a designer in mind.


Why Purchase the Website Pre-Flight Planning Document for Speakers?


  • The document will teach your designer what meeting planners and event planners are looking for so you don’t have to.
  • It will also introduce your designer to the professional speaking industry answering questions they might not know to ask.
  • Your designer will NOT have to go through 15 revisions to make the design you want…even if you don’t know what you really want.
  • Your programmer will NOT come back to you wanting more money to finish the job because you had not clearly outlined the project.
  • Your website development turnaround time will be reduced by roughly half than if you were to not use this specific of a planning document.
  • Your website WILL appear higher on search engines faster than it ever has before because your pages are optimized as part of the design process instead of months after-the-fact.
  • Your website will convert more visitors to speaking gig leads because you have clearly defined for your designer exactly the kind of visitor you are targeting.


What is the Essential Website Pre-Flight Document?


Where many designers will just ask you to send some photos, a logo, and some MS Word documents full of content, the Website Pre-Flight Planning Document for Professional Speaker Websites methodically takes you through a 20-page process to help you accomplish three things:


  • Save money because your designer will be able to quote your project accurately—the first time around.
  • Save time because you will focus your energy on answering the questions rather than trying to think of the questions you should be asking.
  • Enjoy faster return on your investment because various Internet promotion techniques are integrated into the pre-flight process.


How Does the Website Pre-Flight Work?

It’s simple. The Website Pre-Flight Planning Document for Professional Speaker Websites is an MS Word document that you download to your computer after your order is placed. Step-by-step, you are to answer the questions related to your speaking, book, business, target audience, speaking topic focus and design desires. With these questions answered, you can easily hand them to any web designer to show them exactly what you’re looking for in your speaker website design and layout.


More specifically, the Website Pre-Flight Planning Document for Professional Speaker Websites is divided into these sections:


  1. Basic speaker contact information
  2. Current website strategy
  3. Speaking goals
  4. Personal website preferences
  5. Audience and prospect profile
  6. Your book or books
  7. Your design and layout interests
  8. All the logins in one place required for implementation
  9. Specific page content
  10. Main keyword phrases for search engine optimization (SEO)
  11. Products you wish to sell online
  12. Website hosting
  13. Newsletter and/or blog details
  14. Additional components you might not have thought of yet


Of course, that’s a very very basic overview of the process. Our website planning document for professional speaker websites will guide you step-by-step through getting those questions answered.  Here’s a visual sample of what you’ll get.


Sample screen of website pre-flight planning document for professional speakers.

Nowhere Will You Find Anything Like This

If I had to sit down with you to personally go through these questions and help you develop the answers, you would have to pay me more than 5 hours in consulting time which would be more than $1,000!


Download the Website Pre-Flight Now


“When the call came in from the Tony Robbins group saying my website showed I was exactly what they were looking for, I knew Marty’s website process was worth it.”

— Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP,



“My website needed to be inviting to event planners, but convert website visitors to paying customers too for my project management certification courses. The pre-flight document helped me plan for both at the same time.”

— Aileen Ellis,



“My wife and I were able to work on the pre-flight document together. When it came time for our meeting with the designers, our kick-off meeting for the project was only an hour because our direction was so clear.”

— Stephen Hyde,



“I don’t know anything about websites. But, even I could walk through the website pre-flight document because of its step-by-step layout of questions. My designer was thankful and complemented me on my “better than average knowledge of websites!”

— Stephen Replin,



Get Immediate Access to this 20-Page MS Word Document where you can type the answers, customize the questions, add new questions and save to your computer for distribution to design companies for bids. Just $27!

>> Order “The Essential Web Site Pre-Flight”

We look forward to hearing how our Website Pre-Flight Planning Document for Professional Speaker Websites has helped YOU with your project.


All the best,

Marty Dickinson

President, HereNextYear, LLC.


P.S. Are you a designer or developer with a new professional speaker website client and don’t understand the speaking business? Or are you a speaker and don’t know how to talk to your designer or developer about your website? Marty is available for project consulting.