Speakers Speak PRO Coupon Description

Two Ways to Get a Coupon Worth $100 for Use with Your Speakers Speak PRO Registration

1. Attend Speakers Speak LIVE

Speakers Speak PRO is a very select group of highly driven speakers wanting to procure, pitch and negotiate with decision makers to book their own paid speaking opportunities. By attending our Speakers Speak LIVE session (held every Wednesday for an hour), we get to learn more about you while you get the opportunity to practice presenting yourself in a 90-second introduction and give positive feedback to our scheduled Showcase Presenter. When we extend the invitation for you to consider Speakers Speak PRO, we will include the coupon code in that invitation saving you $100 during your purchase.

2. Ask Your Speaking Coach, Book Publisher, or Mentor for the Coupon Code

If they don’t have a coupon code to supply to you, have them send an email to SpeakEveryWeek@gmail.com for a quick discussion about our program. Once they are aware of our program and how it will help YOU get more speaking opportunities without them feeling like we’re stealing their business, but SUPPORTING their efforts with you, we will give the coupon to you.