Thanks so much for answering that important question for me.

As promised, in thanks for your being honest on the survey question, I’d like to alert you to what I believe will be the most alarming change to Google search in 2018.

The term is called Mobile First and it’s going to make a big impact sometime in 2018.

Now, don’t get confused by this phrase and the critical phrase of LAST year, which was the urgency in getting your website “mobile responsive.” Mobile First is a bit different. Hopefully by now you already have the mobile responsive part covered.

Mobile First simply means Google will look for content produced for mobile devices FIRST when giving you a search result when you search Google for something.

Having a mobile responsive website will be a good solid first step. But, you know Google. They are sure to come out with some kind of tag or schema or some goofy acronym to describe something unique you will need to do to identify mobile content.

In the olden days of mobile, we used to create two separate websites. Remember those days where we would register new domain names like

Google, of course, soon preferred websites that were mobile responsive (providing the same content from one source) instead of multi-sites (delivering duplicated content on multiple installations).

“Mobile Responsive” will morph into a focus on mobile “content” given priority…eventually.

This change will not happen all of a sudden and could even take a few years to fully deploy. But, you know how Google is. Once they start talking about something, early adopters benefit. So I will be watching for more details closely on this as Google makes them known.

That’s it for now. Thanks again for answering the survey question and hopefully I’ll be inspired to dive into updating my Getting Brutal with Google guide again (or not) based on your answer to the survey. We shall see!

Marty Dickinson