Pete Vargas is leading a 2-day (ALLLLL day) training for new and emerging professional speakers with his new program titled…

Income and Impact: Stage to Scale 2020

Of course, Pete has presented variations in the past, but, this is the first time this event has been presented in a two-day format.

I’d label it for you as “How to….” and then fill in the blank, but truthfully, this training is so extensive, I cannot figure out exactly how to label it.

He is literally covering the entire spectrum of professional speaking as I’ve known it for the past 15 years…and several things I have NOT known!

What he charges
What YOU should charge for not only your speaking, but for your entire speaker product line!
Killer speech structure (whether delivering for two minutes or two hours).

Pete Preaches Passion

Of all the technique and techy tactics, ya wanna know what really resonated with me?

Pete’s story how he was a youth group leader years ago and brought in speakers to train his “3” youth group kids and grew that youth group to a whopping 800 in a town of only 14,900 people.

Most mega-churches in enormous cities have less than 100 in their youth groups.

Just take a moment to think about that.

Another phrase I picked up on today from Pete Vargas speaking was this question:

Are You a Paycheck Speaker or a Passion Speaker?

I’ve mentored new speakers for the past ten years. I can tell you from experience that almost every new speaker that comes my way envisions themselves walking out the door with a $15,000 keynote paycheck in their hands.

Now, I’m not saying getting paid to speak is a bad thing, if your scheduled event happens at all due to how Coronavirus has impacted the speaking industry.

What Pete reminded me of was how important it is to focus on the passion you have for your topic.

The money will come. 

Pete Vargas Practices “People”

There’s really no other way to describe it. With most speaker trainers and coaches practicing “profit” or “power” or, as I’ve seen occasionally, “intimidation” and complete “arrogance,” this training has been a complete surprise and welcome reminder that it truly is possible to deliver on a promise in a public speaking setting.

I’ve seen many speaker coaches give tips for improvement to speakers at events and I too, like so many others, have our own method to suggest for a speaker to get started in public speaking. But, I’ve never quite seen a speaker be so giving to so many speakers in a single day.

In this video, Steve Vargas is giving critique to a lucky speaker who was given two minutes in front of the room to present her business to the entire audience.

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I don’t think Vargas has unveiled an exact schedule for when this two-day FREE event will be offered in other parts of the country, but I do know by way of what he announced, that he will be rolling this session out to at least eight new cities in 2020. When you start seeing Facebook ads for his next Income and Impact event. Sign-up and clear your schedule to attend. You’ll thank me later.