Why Your Business is Guaranteed to Fail
Unless You Do One Simple Thing
to Turn it All Around

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How can I be so sure your business will fail?

How can I know that if I’ve never even met you?

Because you don’t really know what you truly want.

I’ve asked the simple question, “What Do You Want?” of nearly every business owner I’ve come into contact with for the past five years…and almost no one has given me a useful answer!

They All Say the Same Thing…

“Get more sales”
“Make more money”
“Lose weight”

Statements like these are examples of simple fool’s wants (just like fool’s gold) and you’re bound to fail when you try to attain them.

Watch this Short Two-Minute Video to Hear the One Thing You Need to Do to Save Your Business from Failure

Setting Goals is a Waste of Time until you DO what Susan suggested in the video. If you skipped it, watch the video now!

Every motivational speaker on earth talks about goals! Yet, they’re all missing that one big component.

Hey, it’s not your fault. Your parents didn’t have to worry about detailing their true wants. They could get a job at a big company, work there for 40 years, earn their pension and retire. As a result, they never taught you how to truly want either.

But, you are in the process of starting or expanding a business in this CRAZY and complex time of 2016. The money-earning and quality of life rules are completely different than they were even 20 years ago.

Today, you need to figure out exactly what you want long before you lift a pen to create a business plan or you’re simply going to be disappointed at the end of the year, and potentially, lose your business (and your shirt) in the process!

Fortunately, There is a Definite Sequence of Steps to Figuring Out—and Getting—What You Really Want…And, it Took Me 15 Years to Get it Right for Myself!

Here’s Susan again as she talks about why almost every book, video, seminar, and resource fails miserably when it comes to helping people actually achieve their goals:

When you finally know what you’re working all those hours for, success finally begins to happen on its own! For example, you will:

  • Believe again that you can do anything. And, you’re right!
  • Amaze your spouse of your unstoppable determination to succeed.
  • Renew your interest in learning so you will be able to accomplish the tasks required to attain your wants that you were not motivated to learn before because you had no ambition.
  • Define specific goals…because they are now tied to your true wants.
  • Calculate exactly how much money you want to make in a month or year…and get it!
  • Cut expenses you’ve been needlessly paying for without getting benefits in return.
  • Accomplish tasks in half the time because you now have a clear mission.
  • Guide helpers and employees with clarity instead of wasting time and resources.
  • Hire help more wisely because your true wants are directly tied with what you do NOT want to be spending your days doing yourself.
  • Inspire others to raise their levels of effort with your newly found energy and decisiveness!
  • Delegate tasks not in your skill set or interest to helpers and have confidence in their abilities to get the job done right.
  • Surprise your children by providing more frequent quality family time.
  • Justify not offering certain services anymore that you currently provide because they are sucking time you need to focus on getting what you truly want.
  • Dream again because you know you can see that dream come true if you truly decide you want it.
  • Prioritize multiple tasks using a formula to help you stay organized while accomplishing more…faster…while spending less up front.
  • Consolidate resources by everyone working on one project or set of assigned tasks at a time instead of dozens of projects with no expected completion in the near future.
  • Expand or contract your business growth plans and have peace of mind with your decision knowing it was the right one.
  • Control your business growth by avoiding seasonal peaks and troughs or getting too much new business you can’t handle.
  • Facilitate the same process with your own clients and customers.
  • Predict the right timeDetermine your retirement almost to the day!

Wants Will Always be Wants Until You Decide to GET What You Want!

I’m not going to blow smoke about this. Figuring out what you really want in business and life takes effort. It’s only worth the effort to go through a formal want creation process if you have promising hopes of actually getting what you want.

Making the connection between wanting something and getting it took the longest time for me to figure out. And, you know what? The answer was right under my nose the whole time.

When I tried it for myself, I was amazed at how fast my want turned into a reality! When it happened once, I immediately adopted the same process for everything I wanted in my life.

My Clients Paid Thousands of Dollars So You Don’t Have to!

When new consulting clients come my way, I use my process to help them identify their true wants before getting started on the project. My ability to help them achieve what they want is now a much easier task!

Admittedly, most of my consulting clients are established in their businesses and have budgets to invest in intangible services like consulting. So, I can easily integrate my wanting and getting method into the service I’m providing to them.

The Problem: Beginning business owners with shoestring funds or struggling cash poor owners of existing businesses usually cannot afford consultants. In other words…

How Can I Guide More People Through this Extraordinary Process and Truly Have an Impact on Changing Lives?

The Answer: I packaged my process into a workbook to take you through specific exercises to determine your true wants AND a path for achieving them!

Watch one more video where Susan talks about how I can help you to get started with accomplishing practically any goal you choose to pursue.

NO BOOK (that we know of):

  1. Guides you through figuring out what you want in all aspects of business and life.
  2. Provides you with a sequence to get those wants, AND
  3. Applies them to starting or expanding your business using a sequential Internet marketing process.

Available Now!

Introducing: Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Business and Life…and Get it Too!

Study the Lion and you’ll soon discover she always gets her prey. Complete focus and never-quit determination is in the Lion’s blood and genetic makeup. It doesn’t know anything different than winning!

Business owners, on the other hand, don’t know what they want, lack focus, get sidetracked, lose interest, give-up too quickly and admit defeat. It’s like we ARE the prey just trying to get away!!

It’s no wonder almost everyone fails so often before they succeed!

How Much Would it Be Worth to You if Your Failure Decreased and Successes Increased?

Lions Always Win is a new 100+-page workbook by Marty Dickinson (2016) and the latest addition to the HereNextYear product line.

Lions Always Win Workbook Cover

This book is for you if you are a…
> Traditional employee thinking of leaving your job and starting a business.
> Stressed-out victim of layoffs wondering where your next rent or mortgage payment will come from.
> Start-up entrepreneur searching for your first sale.
> Owner of an existing business but stuck in a sales slump.
> CEO of an expanding business in fear of growing too fast.
> Professional speaker with less speaking gigs than last year.
> Author with a book no one is buying or even knows about.
> Professional coach of business owners, authors or speakers.
> Counselor or therapist dealing with stressed-out entrepreneurs and you’re unsure how to guide them forward.
> Services provider for business owners, authors or speakers.
> User of the Internet to generate more leads and sales

Lions Always Win Will Help You Specifically to:

  • Understand the single problem that’s doomed your business to failure since Day 1 and how you can reverse the pattern in just half a day.
  • Dispel 10 myths about those who seem to blaze the big numbers of Internet sales and in what ways you should be modeling their real behavior.
  • Make sense of the business Internet marketing process with Marty’s 6-step A.C.T.I.O.N. sequence.
  • Discover skills you never knew you had and others you will want to learn that could be saving you money by implementing them yourself.
  • Reduce and even eliminate obstacles preventing you from achieving the dreams you once had for your business and lifestyle.
  • Get what you want by the date you want it.

Before spending a month crafting every word of your business plan, before launching a new product or service that you’re hoping will take off, before dumping thousands of dollars into that Google AdWords campaign, before taking that drastic step of closing your doors forever, work through Marty Dickinson’s, Lions Always Win written exercises first.

How to Order

The Lions Always Win workbook is not available on Amazon because it is full of worksheets for you to print and work through.

Purchase includes support through Facebook chat, Skype, or text messaging by phone, directly with me (Marty Dickinson). Order now!